Belleview Island Waterfront Home

This over the top 17,054 square foot Belleview Island home design was commissioned by a couple in search of more than just a special waterfront home. They started by bringing J S Perry & Co. on board and soon thereafter located Perla Lichi Design. Perla with her amazing staff brings world-class interior design and is famous for her luxurious and extraordinary coordination of finish elements.

The resulting collaboration brought the owners' vision to reality. Gold and silver leaf, exotic marbles, and other precious materials adorn these 17,000 plus square feet of opulent living. The heavy crown moldings, flying wrought iron and stone staircases, custom fixtures, and furniture bring luxury living to new heights making this property one of the best modern examples of artistry, workmanship, and high-end comfort.

For more information contact J S Perry at 727-441-4499.